Featured on Fox News: Get Outdoors USA!

Washington D.C. (August 28, 2007) WTTG Fox 5 News reported live on the Get Outdoors USA! initiative that encourages kids to embrace the Great Outdoors. Anchor and reporter Holly Morris rock climbed at C&O Canal National Historical Park's Carderock while interviewing ARC President Derrick Crandall on the importance of reconnecting kids to nature. A local Boy Scout troop led Holly and Derrick on a virtual geocaching adventure demonstrating that technology and outdoor fun can go hand in hand! Get Outdoors USA! continues to receive strong media attention as a solution for the growing concern about child obesity and other health related issues.

Iowa Sportsmen Are Using the Internet to Lease Farm Land for Outdoor Recreation

Farmland owners in Iowa have discovered a new source of income: they are leasing their land to hunters, anglers and other recreationists in increasing numbers because of the rapidly rising price of recreational land and the lack of public hunting areas, reports the DesMoines Register.

Farm management services, including Omaha-based Farmers National Company and Nevada, Iowa-based Hertz Farm Management, are offering the service to landowners. Farmers National says about 23,000 hunters and anglers are using its Internet-based auction service, Hunting Lease Network, to connect with landowners.

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High-Tech Bicycle Rental System a Hit in France

The city of Lyon, France has been offering bicycles for travel within the city limits for several months, and the program has proved enormously successful. Residents can access the bicycles at one of almost 200 stations throughout the city, and the bicycles are released by the swipe of a bank card. The bikes are free for the first half hour and less than one euro after that. Since most cyclists leave their bikes in a station at their destination and then re-swipe for the return trip, the service is in effect free for about 90 percent of the Lyonnais.

A similar bike system in Vienna, Austria inspired outdoor advertising company JC Decaux and the Lyon government to team up to provide the bikes. The bikes themselves "intelligently" self-check their brakes, tire pressure, and other functions after every ride. Problems are reported to a central location. Several other French cities have expressed an interest in launching similar programs. To access the program’s website, click here. A warning: it’s in French!

ARC Recommends...News and Articles of Interest to Recreation Leaders

Outdoors columnist and would-be athlete Tom Wharton, writing in the The Salt Lake Tribune, challenged the outdoor gear industry, whose semi-annual trade show opens in Salt Lake this week, with the observation that “the message manufacturers too often send through advertisements and gear is that only the young, fit and healthy are worthy.” To read this article, click here .

John Merline, writing this week for TCS Daily, notes that spending on recreation has climbed at about the same rate as health care costs over the last 20 years – 386%. As the nation grows richer, he argues, “it has ramped up spending in several areas, including health care, that improve quality of life.” To read more, click here.

Great Outdoors Month

National Recreation Policy Act Draft Letter to the President

Draft Letter to the President

The President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush:

The recreation community sends its congratulations and its best wishes as you prepare to begin your second term leading our nation. The undersigned organizations, representing millions of Americans and a large portion of the $250 billion per annum outdoor recreation industry, offer our counsel and active support in adding to the health and happiness of the American people and the careful management of this nation’s wonderful Great Outdoors.

The recreation community recognizes and appreciates the significant recreation advances which have taken place during the first four years of your Administration. These include:

  • the reestablishment of Take Pride in America and the encouragement of volunteerism;


Take Pride in America