Toolbox for the Great Outdoors

Toolbox for the Great Outdoors was developed by the American Recreation Coalition in cooperation with the federal cosponsors of Partners Outdoors XI, held in Henderson, Nevada, in January 2002. The Toolbox contains multi-media overviews of 19 creative tools and more than a billion dollars annually in potential resources which can supplement traditional appropriations to federal recreation-providing agencies. The overviews are followed by detailed explanations, examples of uses of each tool at federal sites, strategies for securing additional financial resources and staffing, links to websites and other sources of information on the tools and contacts for further information and advice. Special messages from the leaders of six key federal agencies about the Toolbox and about the vital role of partnerships are showcased on the website.

The program is designed for use by federal land managers as well as recreation, tourism and conservation community leaders eager to expand the quality of visitor experiences. The Toolbox allows users to go directly to tools of interest or queries users about needs and recommends appropriate tools for consideration.

The seven interest areas which cover the spectrum of funding opportunities include:

  • Transportation
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation
  • Volunteers and Partnerships
  • Youth Programs, Contests, Competitions and Internships
  • Health and Education
  • Economic Development and Effective Project Management
  • Technical Assistance

For a copy of the Toolbox for the Great Outdoors (2008) please contact ARC (202) 682-9530 as an electronic version is currently under revision. For the initial overview, click here.