Partners Outdoors 2016

Partners Outdoors 2016

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Planning for Partners Outdoors 2016 is in full swing. This year’s gathering – taking place June 1 and 2 – will reaffirm the recreation community’s continuing commitment to provide the public with exceptional outdoor recreation experiences today and tomorrow.

RECx IV Videos

RECx IV - Thinking Outside the Box
Sustainability with a View - Laurie Lamm, Assistant Director, Sustainable Operations, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, Tongass National Forest

What if your site’s star attraction was disappearing? What would you do? How can you turn a challenge into an opportunity and gain partner support? The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is experiencing “Last Chance Tourism” as visitors travel to see the diminishing Mendenhall Glacier before it retreats from view. We are working to help visitors make connections between climate change and the impacts on a local scale.

RECx III Videos

RECx III - Perspectives on Urban Outreach
The Do's and Don'ts of Urban Outreach - Elwood York, Former Wilderness Program Lead, U.S. Forest Service

Elwood York presents ways to make meaningful outreach in urban communities. By way of examples as well as strategies that will encourage earnest involvement in recreational activities, the presentation will give the audience various avenues for insight and engagement of urban youth and their families.

RECx II Videos

RECx II - Building Awareness and Engagement

Great Maine Outdoor Weekend: A Model for Community Engagement in the Outdoors - Lee Dassler, Western Foothills Land Trust

The Great Maine Outdoor Weekend is a series of events led by outdoor oriented organizations and companies to celebrate the how, where, and what of being active outside in Maine. The model is simple – we bring together a diverse network of event hosts for two weekends a year (February & September) and showcase all of the outdoor events, opportunities, facilities, and activities the great state of Maine has to offer. September 2016 will be our 10th Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, and over the 5 years we’ve been hosting these events we’ve seen consistent growth in the number of partners, events, and participants.

Partners Outdoors 2016 Videos

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  • Secretary Sally Jewell's Keynote Address
  • Secretary Sally Jewell at Partners Outdoors 2016

    Interior Secretary Sally Jewell delivered powerful keynote remarks during the Outdoor Recreation Leadership Summit at Partners Outdoors 2016. She outlined challenges facing outdoor recreation leaders, including the need to engage the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and invite an ever-changing American population to experience their public lands and waters. She also praised the remarkable accomplishments of Obama Administration initiatives like Find Your Park and Every Kid in a Park.

    With an ever growing focus on the lifestyle proposition that the outdoor industry provides to outdoor focused states, its important to understand what got us "here" isn't going to take us "there". A multi billion dollar economic engine for the country, supported by a community that thrives off of passionate innovation, perhaps it really CAN save the world?