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  • Day 1, Session 1 featuring former Wyoming Governor and Esri Director of Policy of Public Sector Strategies Jim Geringer; White house CIO Tony Scott; Charles Worthington, U.S. Digital Service at the White House, on White House Digital Strategy; Christopher Goranson, Presidential Innovation Fellow, on myAmerica Developer Summit; Jon Christensen and Dan Rademacher, Stamen Design, and Ryan Branciforte and Jereme Monteau, Trailhead Labs, on Crowd Sourcing Data for Trails
  • Day 1, Session 2 featuring Joe Meade, Director of Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources, U.S. Forest Service; Susan Alden Weingardt, Partnership Liaison, Forest Service, Ray Foote, Executive Vice President, National Forest Foundation and Beth Ganz, Vice President for Public Affairs and Sustainability, Vail Resorts, on “It’s All Yours” Campaign; Beth Ganz on Epic Mix; Emily Boyd, Director of Strategic Partnership, Yonder, on #Experience the Outdoors; Michiko Martin, Director of Conservation Education, U.S. Forest; Kate Thompson, NOAA, Marine Sanctuaries App; MaryClark, Agents of Discovery; Tim Rout, Dyno Ventures
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    Partners Outdoors 2015: Linking Today and Tomorrow

    When: June 2-4, 2015 Where: U.S. Department of the Interior South Building, 1951 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

    The annual gathering of key recreation leaders from both the public and private sectors will once again be held in Washington, D.C. during June – Great Outdoors Month™. The session is co-sponsored by the federal agencies managing our national parks, forests, refuges and other public spaces and ARC. From June 2-4, TED-style presentations by national experts will center on three topics key to the future of the recreation community. Those three areas are: