GOM 2015

Governors Leading Efforts to Connect Kids and the Great Outdoors

Washington, D.C. (April 23, 2015) – Governors across the nation are leading efforts to introduce kids and their families to healthy fun outdoors, using the shared legacy of public lands and waters. From issuing proclamations of Great Outdoors Month™ to hosting Capital Campouts to appearing in public service announcements, America’s Governors and their families are emerging as champions of the outdoors as key to wellness, education, economic development and strong families and communities. And the Governors are all taking on this exciting and important effort with great enthusiasm despite significant differences in background, location and politics.

Great Outdoors Month 2015 Proclamations

June is a special time to celebrate America’s Great Outdoors. National leaders for years have issued proclamations recognizing this month as Great Outdoors Month, a time when America celebrates its natural treasures. This recognition highlights the benefits of active fun outdoors in our magnificent shared resources of forests, parks, refuges, and other public lands and waters. Proclamations generate widespread media attention, encouraging millions of American families to move outside, and prompting public discussion of important issues linked to outdoor recreation, including volunteerism, health, and outdoor ethics.