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Partners Outdoors 2014 is in the books and was one of the most successful yet! Partners from all over the recreation community came out to the Department of the Interior in Washington D.C. to attend 3 days of spirited and inspirational discussion about how public and private entities can work better together to serve the public and share America’s Great Outdoors with everyone across the nation. Our 3 topics were: Funding Recreation in the Great Outdoors Sustainably, Hosting All Americans in their Great Outdoors and Working Better As Partners Outdoors. The lively discussions featured public and private heavyweights like National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis, American Recreation Coalition President Derrick Crandall, Author Audrey Peterman, Virginia State Parks Director Joe Elton, Georgia State Parks Director Becky Kelley and many more. Monday’s first General Session, both General Sessions from Tuesday and Wednesday and Monday’s Beacon Awards are all available for viewing online.

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A registration form will be available for download here shortly.

Participation: Participation in the entire Partners Outdoors conference is by invitation only and will be restricted to approximately 90 persons. Invitations are extended by sponsoring organizations, including the federal agencies, the National Association of State Park Directors, and the American Recreation Coalition. Attendees hold senior management positions in the recreation and resources fields or are identified as candidates for such posts. Confirmation of attendance should be submitted by May 23, 2014.


This page is available as a .pdf here.

Dates: June 9-11, 2014
Location: U.S. Department of the Interior
South Building, 1951 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.
Main Building, 1849 C Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

Background: In 2014, Partners Outdoors and Great Outdoors Week – previously independent events held in January/February and June respectively – will be integrated into one Week in June 2014. This integration will retain and combine the best of both events: thoughtful discussions of challenges and opportunities facing the recreation community; informal networking of representatives of the recreation community’s public and private sectors; recreation issue briefings; recognition of outstanding achievements benefitting outdoor recreation by individuals and programs; recreation community outreach to Capitol Hill; and the celebration of National GO (Get Outdoors) Day. The Week’s events will also include a service component – volunteer efforts at one or more recreation sites in the National Capital area.