Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger Sign on With Take Pride

Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sign on With Take Pride

Clint Eastwood joined a class of 5th graders and other volunteers in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on May 25 to repair picnic tables, to do trail maintenance and to announce that he was again taking on a role as national spokesperson for the Take Pride in America program, a role he played with enthusiasm and conviction from 1986 to 1993. The actor/producer/director of more than 50 major films told media and the volunteers that he liked the new Take Pride slogan -- Its Your Land, Lend a Hand -- and that he was enthused by the spirit and the contributions of the young volunteers.

Mr. Eastwood’s involvement in Take Pride was praised in a special letter from President Bush hand carried to the southern California event location by USA Freedom Corps Deputy Director Charity Wallace.

And Mr. Eastwood also drew praise from the State of California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the event to announce the state’s embrace of the Take Pride in America program. A key member of his Cabinet, Secretary of Resources Mike Chrisman, spoke at the event and was accompanied by California State Park Director Ruth Coleman. Governor Schwarzenegger became the 44th governor to commit to support of Take Pride. Numerous Take Pride partners joined in marking the occasion, including Kym Murphy of The Walt Disney Company, Sue Bray of The Good Sam Club, Bill Anderson of Westrec Marinas and Shari Boyer of GSG. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Superintendent Woody Smeck and Angeles National Forest Supervisor Jody Noiron also helped mark the announcement.

Take Pride in America Executive Director Marti Allbright moderated the event and acknowledged the support of key Take Pride in America partners including The Walt Disney Company, the American Recreation Coalition, the Good Sam Club and more. She also told the guests and volunteers that Take Pride would hit the road in June in an RV, stopping at more than 20 sites to honor volunteers and celebrate America’s public lands. Unilever, a leading producer of food and personal care items, will be a key sponsor of this tour.

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