U.S. Forest Service Engages Youth With Discovery Agents Technology

U.S. Forest Service Engages Youth With Discovery Agents Technology
50 sites now have game-based learning Missions created by U.S. Forest Service Interpreters

Kelowna, British Columbia - Discovery Agents, a leading educational technology platform, today announced the rollout of a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the American Recreation Coalition. Kids, or "Agents," can now download the geo-triggered augmented reality (AR) app for free at 50 different forest sites.

Kids experience the game as a series of questions, or "challenges," created by Forest Service interpreters and partner organizations. Challenges are site-specific and help kids learn about the flora, fauna and other natural features of the forest. In one Mission at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, kids learn about the captive breeding program for the endangered Red Wolf, creating awareness around its ongoing conservation effort.

"It's been great to see kids' reaction to Discovery Agents; they're having fun and really engaging with our public lands," said Michiko Martin, Director of Conservation Education, U.S. Forest Service. "It gives our interpreters another way to instill environmental awareness in young people."

With research into the explosive trend of Pokemon Go showing the strong capacity of game-based learning, Discovery Agents is leveraging similar technological concepts to help kids engage with the natural world. Further research at Cornell University has found that children exposed to nature before the age of 11 are more likely to care about the environment as adults.

"It's a privilege to empower kids to learn about the world around them," said Mary Clark, CEO of Discovery Agents. "Getting young people excited about our environment is the best part of my job."

To find a Mission Site near you, visit discoveryagents.net/usfs.

About Discovery Agents - Discovery Agents, winner of the 2016 Best App-Based Game at the European Conference on Games Based Learning, is an innovative educational tech platform that utilizes web, mobile, and the latest in augmented reality technologies to get kids active and learning about the world around them. Discovery Agents provides educators with a unique way to gamify information, incentivizing kids to be active while learning and exploring. The easy-to-use Mission Maker allows educators to pull challenges from their extensive Agency Library or to create customized content specific to their site. Educators can then easily publish Missions for kids to complete on tablets or their own smart devices. For more information, please visit discoveryagents.net.