Rec Trails Program Celebrates 25 Years

Recreational Trails Program Celebrates 25 Years

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) – a landmark achievement of federal transportation legislation – is turning 25! And there is much to celebrate. The RTP has funded 22,000 trail projects all across the country, benefiting millions of diverse trail users – hikers and bikers, equestrians and snowmobilers, OHVers and paddlers, cross-country skiers, four-wheel drivers and more. States continue to add miles of trails as well as needed maintenance and improvements through grants to local project sponsors each year.

The RTP is funded by the federal gas taxes paid by off-highway recreational users and currently receives $84 million of the more than $270 million in federal gas taxes those recreationists pay each year. This very successful program also leverages hundreds of millions of dollars of additional support from other sources, promotes cooperation among all kinds of trail users, encourages economic activity in countless communities and provides essential opportunities for healthy, active outdoor fun. The RTP is a wonderful success story. And it can do much, much more in the next 25 years – especially if it receives its fair share of federal gas taxes!

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