Key Senator Praises RTP at DOT Confirmation Hearing

Key Senator Praises RTP at DOT Confirmation Hearing

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) was spotlighted January 11 at Transportation Secretary-designate Elaine Chao’s confirmation hearing. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) praised the program during her time for questioning, saying, “Ok, so, now we go to snowmobiles, you know, gotta end good here. The Recreational Trails Program is extremely important. It funds off-highway vehicle, snowmobile, non-motorized trail uses. It’s one of these issues where we’ve actually had the cross-country skiers and the bicyclists working with the motorized vehicles. It derives its funding from gas taxes paid by off-highway vehicle users when they fill up their machines and I hope that you will work with us going forward on that issue as well. It’s maybe not the first thing you thought of when you got up this morning, but that’s been a very positive program for recreational use.” Secretary-designate Chao responded by saying she looks forward to working on the issue.

The RTP is just one example of how recreation on America’s public lands and waters enjoys bipartisan support in Congress. This great program has funded 22,000 trail projects across the country since its creation 25 years ago, benefiting millions of diverse trail users. It promotes cooperation among trail groups, encourages economic activity in countless communities and provides essential opportunities for healthy, active outdoor fun.

Senator Klobuchar has been a leading champion of RTP in the Congress. She received the Sheldon Coleman Great Outdoors Award in 2012.

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