2016 Report to Members

See ARC's 2016 Report to Members here

ARC continues to help key recreation interests share ideas and information with those public leaders and policy makers who influence the future of recreation in America. With help, we will define the America’s Great Outdoors Agenda and help build a strong base for recreation through:

  • improved access to and stewardship of America’s Great Outdoors;
  • a solid, sustainable infrastructure making fun outdoors safe and enjoyable – from good trails for all types of activities to better boating and fishing access, from better campgrounds to better chances to watch wildlife, from enjoyable food and lodging to great skiing and rafting and more;
  • attention to the surface transportation network needed to connect Americans to the Great Outdoors and keep their travels on our public lands safe and enjoyable;
  • programs which invite all Americans to get to know their outdoors legacy – outreach to youth, and especially urban youth; expansion of CCC-like efforts; recreation skills training programs; and
  • utilization of technology to help Americans find good places to go for healthy fun, to learn what they can enjoy during time in the Great Outdoors and to help them arrange for the services and equipment they will need to support great memories.