USFS and ARC are Teaming Up to Use Mobile Gaming Tech to Get Kids Outdoors

USFS and ARC are Teaming Up to Use Mobile Gaming Tech to Get Kids Outdoors
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On Thursday June 23rd, senior representatives from the U.S. Forest Service and American Recreation Coalition will come together, grab their mobile devices, and celebrate the official launch of the Discovery Agents mobile game and open up an exciting world of outdoor exploration through virtual reality and geo-located challenges. This interactive event comes on the heels of the announcement that the U.S. Forest Service and American Recreation Coalition have partnered to bring Discovery Agents to more than 60 national forests and grasslands across the country in 2016.

"The Forest Service is thrilled to join a special group of early adopters who see the power of technology to connect youth with nature and their public lands. We are excited to partner with ARC and Discovery Agents to develop this innovative concept and welcome today's young visitors to the national forests and grasslands. It's going to be an adventure!", says Leslie Weldon, Deputy Chief of National Forest Systems with the U.S. Forest Service.

These two great agencies coming together to launch the Move to Play and Learn game represents a revolution that is rapidly spreading across the country as parks and recreation agencies recognize the value of engaging kids with nature through interactive technology. "The launch of Discovery Agents shows how technology can help make the outdoors fun and exciting for a diverse population of American kids in the 21st century" states Derrick Crandall, President of the American Recreation Coalition.

"Through this innovative mobile game, Discovery Agents is changing the way we think about technology -- speaking in a language younger generations can understand in order to get them connecting with the outdoors and learning about the world around them" states Mary Clark, CEO of Discovery Agents: "In today's society, 97% of grade four students play video games, 56% own a mobile phone, but only 7% get their daily recommended physical exercise. Discovery Agents uses the technology kids love to encourage outdoor fun and learning."

The event on June 23rd will be taking place at 3:00 p.m. at the USDA Forest Service Information Center located at 20114th Street SW in Washington, D.C. Guests will be provided with a demonstration of the Discovery Agents mission site at the National Mall and are encouraged to pre-download the app and mission site on their Apple or Android mobile devices for FREE prior to the event.