Outdoor Recreation in America - An Agenda for the Clinton/Gore Administration

A PDF version of this report is available here

In 1993, a large group of outdoor recreation community leaders from the private sector presented several relatively simple ways the newly-elected Clinton Administration could move forward on natural resource conservation and the promotion of outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands. Their recommendations - dubbed "Outdoor Recreation in America: An Agenda for the Clinton-Gore Administration" - detailed 12 programs the administration could use to enhance outdoor recreation in America:

•Wallop-Breaux Trust Fund

•Scenic Byways

•Take Pride in America

•Public Access to Public Lands

•Challenge Cost-Share Agreements in Recreation and Wildlife

•National Recreational Trails Fund

•America the Beautiful Passport

•Luring International Visitors to America's Great Outdoors

•Federal Assistance to Local Recreation and Conservation Efforts

•Greenways for America

•National Recreational Lakes System/Recreation Enterprise Zones

•Partnership for America's Resources