Partners Outdoors 2016 Will Showcase Great Ideas for the Great Outdoors, Build Agenda for Recreation's Future

Partners Outdoors 2016 Will Showcase Great Ideas for the Great Outdoors, Build Agenda for Recreation's Future
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Washington, D.C. (January 12, 2016) – Outdoor recreation community leaders from the public and private sectors will come together to discuss new ideas and ways forward for America’s Great Outdoors at Partners Outdoors 2016 in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Department of the Interior June 1-2. The unique meeting has been designed by a consortium of federal, state and private entities coordinated by the American Recreation Coalition (ARC).

Day One of Partners Outdoors – titled RECx – will be a dynamic, “disruptive” day, with more than a dozen TED-style presentations selected from an open call with an emphasis on new players from technology, education, health and more. These future-focused presentations will pitch new ideas and tell success stories that demonstrate how outdoor recreation experiences, opportunities and resources can be enhanced. The day will included follow up discussions and ideas for partnership-based experimentation across the recreation community at the local, state and national levels in both the private and public sectors. More information, including guidelines for submitting a proposed presentation, can be found at

Day Two – The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Summit – is an opportunity to highlight recreation-related accomplishments of the Obama Administration while encouraging a strategic discussion about a recreation agenda for 2017 and beyond. Morning sessions will feature presentations describing goals and successes of Every Kid in a Park, the National Travel and Tourism Strategy, Find Your Park and more, as well as ideas for sustaining and strengthening these initiatives. The afternoon will focus on planning for the future. Senior policy leaders with a strong interest in recreation will offer their perspective on the morning’s discussions, their vision for the future of outdoor recreation and more. The day will also explore finding ways for the healthcare and recreation communities to join forces, empowering communities to benefit from their Great Outdoors, integrating education and recreation to enhance both, and engaging youth, diverse and urban populations with their Great Outdoors – all with an eye towards developing a future strategy for expanded participation in outdoor recreation.

Additionally, ARC and its partners will solicit and showcase videos promoting recreation with the Great Outdoors Month™ Video Competition. Professional and amateur videographers from across the country will submit pieces designed for a variety of purposes – promotion, advocacy, information and more – but their focus will be encouraging healthy, active outdoor fun on America’s public lands and waters. The top five videos will be shown at RECx, with the “Best in Show” being featured at a Partners Outdoors social gathering the night of June 1. More information, including submission guidelines and competition rules, can be found at

As in past years, Partners Outdoors 2016 will feature the presentation of the Legends Awards and Beacon Awards. Legends Awards celebrate outstanding individual efforts to improve outdoor recreation experiences and opportunities for the public by people from federal agencies that manage recreation on America’s public lands and waters. Beacon Awards recognize outstanding successes in harnessing the power of technology to improve public recreation experiences and federal recreation program management. The Beacon Awards will be presented at a luncheon during RECx, and the Legends Awards will be presented at a luncheon during The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Summit.

Partners Outdoors 2016 will be more future-focused and inclusive that any prior national recreation session. Dynamic ideas presented during RECx will inspire new ways of thinking about enhancing visitor experiences on America’s public lands and waters, and The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Summit will celebrate important progress made during the Obama Administration and set the stage for an even brighter future under the next President. The meeting will be livestreamed and archived to build the audience and ensure the legacy for this exciting program.