Partners Outdoors 2015: Linking Today and Tomorrow

When: June 2-4, 2015 Where: U.S. Department of the Interior South Building, 1951 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

The annual gathering of key recreation leaders from both the public and private sectors will once again be held in Washington, D.C. during June – Great Outdoors Month™. The session is co-sponsored by the federal agencies managing our national parks, forests, refuges and other public spaces and ARC. From June 2-4, TED-style presentations by national experts will center on three topics key to the future of the recreation community. Those three areas are:

  • Digital Strategies for the Great Outdoors
  • Outreach and Promotion, 21st Century Style
  • Youth and the Outdoors
  • As part of Day 3 activities, Partners Outdoors participants will head to the National Mall for the launch of an Agents of Nature Mission Site. Agents of Nature is a GPS-based mobile game for handheld devices that allows kids to interact with and learn about the world around them in a fun, active way at a rapidly growing number of Mission Sites across the U.S. and Canada.

    As in 2014, Partners Outdoors 2015 will feature several key events highlighting great work being done across the country, including the awarding of the Beacon Awards and Legends Awards.

    Partners Outdoors was first held in 1992 and has led to important actions benefiting the access to the Great Outdoors. Partners Outdoors 2015 will continue that legacy. Participation is by invitation of the program sponsors, including federal agencies, ARC and the National Association of State Park Directors. For updates on Partners Outdoors planning, check back here.