DoI Economic Report for FY 2012

The activities of the Department of the Interior contributed $371 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012, supporting 2.3 million jobs in activities including outdoor recreation and tourism, energy development, grazing and timber harvest, according to a new report released today by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

The U.S. Department of the Interior Economic Report for Fiscal Year 2012, prepared by Interior’s Office of Policy Analysis, estimates the economic contributions of the department, including land and water management; energy and mineral development on public lands; encouraging tourism and outdoor recreation at national parks, monuments and refuges; wildlife conservation, hunting and fishing; support for American Indian tribal communities and Insular Areas; and scientific research and innovation. The report gave prominent treatment to recreation, stating:

Recreation: In FY 2012, Interior’s lands hosted an estimated 417 million visits. The net economic value of a visit to Interior lands varies depending on the activity. For FY 2012, value added provided by visitors to Interior sites was estimated to be $24.7 billion, economic output was estimated to be $45 billion and about 372,000 jobs were supported.

To read the official news release from the Department of the Interior, click here.

The full 161-page economic report, which includes a discussion of analysis and methodology, is available here.