Prevention and Public Health Fund Budget Announced for FY2011

Prevention and Public Health Fund Budget Announced

February 9, 2011 - The Department of Health and Human Services held a conference call today to explain the allocation of the Affordable Care Act's Prevention and Public Health Fund. The fund is designed to expand and sustain the necessary infrastructure to prevent disease, detect it early, manage conditions before they become severe, and provide states and communities the resources they need to promote healthy living. In FY2010, $500 million of the Fund was distributed to states and communities to boost prevention and public health efforts, improve health, enhance health care quality, and foster the next generation of primary health professionals. This year, $750 million will support community and clinical prevention, strengthen public health infrastructure and training, and expand research and tracking to improve the health of Americans across the country. On a recent call organized by the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Mayra Alvarez, Director of Public Health Policy, Office of Health Reform, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director, Trust for America’s Health provided updates on the allocations of the fund for FY2011:

The FY11 budget is $750 million and will address 4 key areas:
Community Prevention ($298M) for "transformation grants" for prevention intervention such as tobacco & obesity, health disparity and launch of prevention programs: 

∙	Clinical prevention ($182M) for critical wellness and affordable care, immunization; 
∙	Public Health intervention ($140M) for 21st century challenges;
∙	Research & tracking ($130M) for collection, analysis and impact of Affordable Care Act.  

All the programs build on emphasis on building public health and prevention. Today is 1st anniversary of Let's Move - many innovative programs are making an impact. Also, Deficit Reduction Act funds are making impact. Also the new Prevention Advisory Council has 13 members charged with new national prevention and health promotion strategy. "Making prevention come alive." Ms. Alvarez: said the strategy is a holistic approach to health. Housing, transportation, quality food, and environment – they will advise the council and federal partners. The council will work hand in hand. Affordable Care Act - concentration on prevention. Foundation last year - clear indication to country that health is impacted by various environmental and social factors. Fact sheets to be posted on results of funds and grants to date and for next year. "Bring prevention to forefront of efforts." Mr. Levi said the release of prevention funds is a historic day. It spurs all Americans to better health - too often we focus on health after the fact. Prevention is the key to transforming health care – it is the right course. Targeted investments for communities for 1) local investment 2) workforce and 3) evidence-based work. These are the 3 buckets to focus on. He remind everyone there is a logic and strategy behind the three efforts. $ from grants to help every community. "Make this a healthier country and help for response to natural disasters and other threats." He said community transformation grants are for local use – for things we can do as a community as well as people taking personal responsibility.

Q &:A session:
Question - Community transformation grant announcement & guidance?  
Per Dr. Koh, please check the website and they will communicate as well.  Office of Health Reform to communicate as well. 

Question - Timing issue?  Any rescission potential?  Process needs to be swift.  Will process be curtailed?  
Dr. Koh said agencies have already prepared draft announcements and are ready.  Hopeful for no rescissions - bipartisian/nonpartisan.  More prevention is needed regardless of political party. 
Mr. Levi said the health of the next two generations is at stake.

Question - Integrated health care practices a focus but not often mandated – will there be any requirements in Fund grants?
Ms. Alvarez said she was not aware of specific grant requirements  -- there is ability for community to address tools and resources.
Dr. Koh said there will be better and more innovative systems of care and prevention to explore moving forward.