Outdoor Recreation Idea of the Day, December 22, 2010

Making Park Fees More Manageable

December 22, 2010 (Washington, DC) - When Congress passed the Federal Recreation Lands Enhancement Act (FLREA) in 2004, providing five federal agencies with fee retention authority and more, it also provided authority for some important additional fee programs. It allowed volunteers to earn a nationwide pass and included an option to make fees simple for other parkgoers -- with regional passes that would cover federal, state and even local entrance fees with the same pass. Lots of models have been developed for a general park pass. Some model the fast pass systems now used for tolls on highways, and some model hunting and fishing passes that use the addition of a stamp on the America the Beautiful pass.

The FLREA fee authority expires in 2014. No action has yet been taken by the Federal Interagency Fee Task Force. Let's encourage a 2014 update of FLREA.

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