An exciting new initiative aims to incorporate environmental education, both in and out of the classroom, into the last few days of the school year. ED OUT is an optimal partnership opportunity for many federal agencies, and they are eager to join a program that provides an exciting learning experience in the final days of the school year, introduces students to careers within their agency while building an appreciation for how those careers are important to the nation, challenges the trend toward sedentary, indoor lifestyles, and offers students concrete and stimulating ways to keep learning during the summer months and gain knowledge directly tied to the subsequent academic year's curriculum.

Nationally led by the U.S. Forest Service and the American Recreation Coalition but with a broad and growing team of partners, the ED OUT’s 2010 pilot highlights Prince William County Schools, Virginia’s second largest school system with 80,000 students and the state’s fastest growing system. The school district is located in an area with abundant federal, state and local recreation sites and is a national leader in remote learning and application of technology to classrooms. Since ED OUT is by design affordable and scalable, and addresses key needs of both federal agencies and education systems, we expect that the ED OUT model will be showing up in several large school districts across the country in 2011.

To read the solicitation letters sent out to various federal agencies and partners, see the links below: