Partners Outdoors 2009 “Uses the Transition to Thrive!”

Partners Outdoors 2009 met with tremendous success as more than 120 partners in both the private and public sectors gathered in Cambridge, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., to share ideas, resources and best practices to accomplish this year’s meeting goal: Using the Transition to Thrive. Heavy emphasis was placed on partnerships and cooperative actions, the need to remove barriers to enjoyment of the outdoors by all Americans, and how seamless public/private efforts can protect special places and provide transformational experiences.

Conference sessions included: Rules of the Road – Coping with the Realities of Transition; Transportation Post-2009 and Recreation; Changing Lives – The Good News About Recreation; Sharpening Old Tools, Crafting New Ones; Perspectives on the Outdoor Resources Review Group; and Perspectives on the New Administration.

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