Transportation Enhancements

The Transportation Enhancements (TE) program funded by SAFETEA-LU is slated to receive roughly 3.5 billion through FY 09 – $625 - $685 million per year. Funding is based on a 10% set-aside of each state’s annual funding under its Surface Transportation Program (STP). The TE program funds a wide variety of transportation-related community projects in 12 project categories including restoration of historic transportation buildings, easement acquisition, construction of welcome centers and transportation-related museums and conversion of abandoned railway corridors to recreation trails. Trails and pedestrian/bicycle facilities have historically counted for about one-half of TE funding, or $300 million per year since its establishment in 1991. Transportation Enhancements are subject to funding rescission notices, of which there were three in FY 2006. Some states have left TE funds intact and others have cut the program heavily.

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