Forest Service Chief Announces 2007 Recreation Forums, New Challenge Cost Share to Benefit Recreation

Washington, DC - (October 17, 2006) - Dale Bosworth, Chief of the USDA Forest Service, told the Recreation Exchange that his agency is making progress in its effort to reposition itself for the 21st century, including a much higher role for recreation - in spite of budgetary constraints caused by the war on terror and unprecedented wildfire activity. These achievements include:

  • development of the Travel Management rule in response to the threat of unmanaged recreation and now being implemented;

  • passage of the Recreation Enhancement Act to sustain recreation management and to provide for stakeholder input into the use of fee-generated funds through Recreation Resource Advisory Committees; and

  • Recreation Site Facility Master Planning, a process to combine analysis of use trends with financial analysis to provide, in consultation with the public, “the best recreation opportunities in the right places.”

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