Park Concessioners Receive 2006 NPS Environmental Achievement Awards

Washington, D.C. - Xanterra Parks and Resorts and Doyon/Aramark are among the recently-announced recipients of National Park Service (NPS) 2006 Environmental Achievement Awards honoring outstanding accomplishments in the preservation and protection of park resources. According to out-going NPS Director Fran Mainella, “The award recipients have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the protection of ecosystems, the increase of solar and wind power, the reduction of solid waste and petroleum use, the design of sustainable buildings, and the purchasing of ‘green’ products.”

Xanterra Parks and Resorts, a concessioner at Zion National Park in Utah, received an environmental stewardship award. The company was recognized for pollution prevention and energy and water conservation programs at the Zion Lodge. Xanterra implemented wind power and a solar photovoltaic system to utilize renewable energy sources. They reduced water usage by 50% through native plant landscaping, low-flow fixtures, linen re-use, and guest education about water conservation, and decreased solid waste through a program of recycling, composting, and green procurement. Additionally, they improved their fleet fuel economy by purchasing hybrid cars and fuel efficient vehicles.

Doyon/ARAMARK, Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park, received honorable mention recognition for their environmental achievements. Yellowstone National Park teamed with concession employees, the Montana and Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality and Region 8 of the Environmental Protection Agency to design and implement a program to reduce solid waste and promote point-source separation of recyclable materials and hazardous waste. Yosemite National Park in California purchased 18 electric-diesel hybrid buses. The buses decreased annual petroleum fuel consumption by more than 14,000 gallons.

Doyon/ARAMARK, a concessioner at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska, was also recognized for implementing a number of initiatives under an Environmental Management System. They reduced emissions by modifications to their bus fleet, donated used kitchen grease for blending and use as bio-diesel, and recycled more than 250,000 pounds of solid waste.

The NPS Environmental Achievement Award program is administered by the Park Facility Management Division in the Washington Office. The award winners and honorable mention recipients received commemorative plaques and a congratulatory letter from the NPS Director.