"No Net Loss" Hunting Legislation Work Group Convened

The American Recreation Coalition recently convened key national and regional recreation and hunting representatives to discuss the ongoing legislative effort at both the state and federal level to ensure no net loss of lands open to hunting. As a result of this initial conversation, a working group has been formed to look at the varying legislative approaches to “no net loss” that have been taken in different jurisdictions, to consider the legislation’s long-term implications, and to address any concerns within the recreation community about the legislation’s potential impact on public land managers and recreationists.

The working group, which will begin meeting in mid-April, includes representatives from the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, National Recreation and Park Association, National Association of State Park Directors, and ARC, as well as other organizations that are interested in the “no net loss” issue.

In general, “no net loss” legislation is designed to maintain the amount of lands open to public hunting by replacing lands that are closed to hunting – for whatever reason – with an equivalent amount of acreage elsewhere. “No net loss” legislation has been enacted in Arkansas, Illinois and Maryland and is under consideration in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Washington and West Virginia. Legislation has also been introduced in the U.S. Congress by U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) to protect hunting access on federally managed public lands.

To read the proposed federal legislation, click here.