ARC Recommends...News and Articles of Interest to Recreation Leaders

Outdoors columnist and would-be athlete Tom Wharton, writing in the The Salt Lake Tribune, challenged the outdoor gear industry, whose semi-annual trade show opens in Salt Lake this week, with the observation that “the message manufacturers too often send through advertisements and gear is that only the young, fit and healthy are worthy.” To read this article, click here .

John Merline, writing this week for TCS Daily, notes that spending on recreation has climbed at about the same rate as health care costs over the last 20 years – 386%. As the nation grows richer, he argues, “it has ramped up spending in several areas, including health care, that improve quality of life.” To read more, click here.

BoatU.S. reports that for the first time in its annual survey of most popular boat names, a Spanish-language name has made the top-ten list - to learn why this is important, click here.

National Park Service Public Use Statistics show a 2.1% decrease in annual recreational visits to park units overall in 2005. That represents 5.7 million fewer visitors than in 2004. To learn where visitors are going, and where they are not, click here.

And finally - Google has rolled out an intriguing and useful tool for those interested in keeping fit. The Google Map Pedometer allows you to plot and calculate the distance of your own walking route, and to figure out how many calories you burn on your walk. Click Here to try out this fun fitness site!