Partners Outdoors 2006


Date: January 8-11, 2006

Location: National Training Center, Bureau of Land Management 9828 North 31st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85051 (602) 906-5531

Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter 10220 North Metro Parkway East Phoenix, Arizona 85051 (602) 997-5900 Fax (602) 943-6156

Theme: Assembling a comprehensive guide to programs that can supplement appropriated funding to enhance recreation opportunities and visitor services on and near America’s public lands and then developing on-going efforts which will (1) disseminate understanding of these tools and provide assistance in their usage, (2) refine, strengthen and improve these tools and (3) continually “grow” a library of examples of the use of these tools available to federal program managers and their partners.

Participants in Partners Outdoors 2006 will assist in the development of the second edition of The Toolbox for the Great Outdoors – but that is just one part of a much more ambitious effort to stimulate creative and partnership-based efforts to enhance recreation on public lands. Partners participants will be selected for the 2006 program with a different emphasis: some will be invited because of leadership in the successful use of tools thought to be underutilized nationwide, or which could be evolved into greater national significance. Others will be invited because of roles involving federal personnel training and technical support. Others will be invited because of responsibilities for crafting agreements between federal agencies and other entities – public and private.

The Phoenix site has been selected because it offers an extraordinary opportunity to tap the physical and manpower resources of BLM’s National Training Center, which is actively pursuing educational and conference models which reduce travel requirements and provide 24/7/365 support to BLM employees and others. In addition, the Phoenix site allows firsthand observation of innovative partnership-based programs involving water-based recreation, golf, shooting sports, trails and Wilderness use.

Participation: Participation in Partners Outdoors is by invitation only and will be restricted to approximately 150 persons. Invitations are extended by sponsoring organizations, including seven federal agencies, the National Association of State Park Directors and the American Recreation Coalition. Attendees hold senior management positions in the recreation and resources fields or are identified as candidates for such posts. Confirmation of attendance is required by December 1, 2005.

Accommodations: Overnight accommodations and certain general sessions will be at the Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter, located less than a mile from the BLM National Training Center. Participants will be offered a rate at or below government per diem. Initial reservations will be made by the American Recreation Coalition; however, each participant must call and give a credit card to finalize the reservation.

Transportation: The Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter is a twenty-minute drive (15 miles) from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The airport is served by most major carriers. Information on shuttle service will be provided.

Tuition/Event Costs: Each participant will be charged a fee of $400 for all materials and meals offered in conjunction with the Partners Outdoors 2006 conference. Participation in certain optional activities may involve an additional cost. The basic fee may be sent to the American Recreation Coalition before the conference or may be paid at the time of registration. No refunds for cancellations will be honored after December 15, 2005. Checks should be made payable to the American Recreation Coalition. Provisions for guests at selected events can be arranged at an additional charge and should be requested in advance and in writing.

Displays: There will be limited areas for the display of materials relating to partnership activities between federal agencies and for-profit enterprises. Arrangements should be made through the American Recreation Coalition at (202) 682-9530.

Expected Outcomes: Central objectives of Partners Outdoors are to (1) create a shared understanding of societal benefits available through recreational use of America’s public lands and waters among public and private sector leaders in the recreation field and (2) establish on-going communications and cooperation which maximize the availability of these benefits. In addition, each Partners Outdoors seeks to (1) produce a report and recommendations for presentation to federal policymakers and recreation industry CEOs and (2) initiate one or more specific pilot, partnership-based efforts linked to the theme of the specific Partners Outdoors. The 2006 session will produce a second edition of the highly praised Toolbox for the Great Outdoors and will seek to ensure that the assembled knowledge will be more effectively shared. It is anticipated that the Toolbox will be available in multiple forms – DVD or CD; via the Internet; and as the topic of presentations at professional training sessions hosted by NPS, FS, BLM, FWS and others.

Attire: Normal dress will be “business casual,” but recreational attire will also be appropriate at most sessions. Although we hope that participants will be able to temporarily disengage from day-to-day realities, they may be reached with phone messages or by fax.

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