Take Pride in America PSAs

Take Pride in America PSAs

Take Pride in America® has launched an ambitious public service announcement campaign to help spread the word on volunteering and motivate people to respond to the many volunteer opportunities presented on the Take Pride in America website. Starring Take Pride in America® spokesman Clint Eastwood, the series of television, radio and print Public Service Announcements will increase public awareness of the diverse and invaluable shared legacy of parks and other public lands and invite Americans of all ages to “lend a hand” to care for these lands. [Click Here] to see examples of the television PSAs.

Distributed to more than eight hundred stations nationwide, the 30, 15, and 10 second spots heighten public awareness that Americans share a special legacy of public lands covering one out of every three acres of the nation. From city parks to beaches and byways, citizen stewardship begins with responsible use of these lands and extends to volunteer efforts such as trail maintenance, litter clean-ups, wetlands and habitat restoration, visitor center hosts and many more activities.

The PSA production was done in Carmel, California, where Eastwood, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton and Take Pride in America Executive Director Marti Allbright joined students from Carmel River School in a wetlands restoration project. That school was named the first Take Pride in America School following its agreement to participate in public land projects several times annually. The wetlands restoration project also involved the California State Parks staff and the California Conservation Corps.

Numerous partners including ARC and a variety of recreation industry leaders have contributed to this effort. The print campaign was created by The Richards Group, an award-winning Dallas firm with significant experience in recreation and outdoors campaigns. The agency has graciously donated its professional services in support of Take Pride in America. [Click Here] to see a version of the print PSA that is running in a large number of recreation consumer and trade publications, as well as general circulation publications. For another view, [Click Here]. For copies of the print PSAs and information on publications carrying the messages, contact the Take Pride in America Partners Council at 202-682-9530.

Take Pride in America® is a national partnership established by the U.S. Department of the Interior that aims to engage, support and recognize volunteers who work to improve our public parks, forests, grasslands, wildlife refuges, cultural and historical sites, local playgrounds and other recreation areas. With its partners, TPIA enhances the special legacy all Americans share — our public lands that cover more than one in every three acres across the Nation.