Summary: National Outdoor Recreation Policy Act

National Outdoor Recreation Policy Act

  • Recognizes the critical role of lands and waters administered by federal agencies in providing diverse and necessary recreation opportunities for all Americans and further recognizes the important role recreation plays in meeting national goals for health, education, deterrence of crime, economic development and family and community stability.
  • Finds that growing recreation demand necessitates recognition of changed on-the-ground circumstances and may require changes in federal management of land and water resources; and that there is a need for new federal policies and strategies for meeting recreation demands including improved inter-agency and public/private coordination, enhanced land stewardship and accountability, and innovative management tools for enhancing and maintaining much needed recreation programs and facilities.
  • Directs the Secretary of the Interior to lead a multi-departmental effort to craft a National Recreation Strategy within 12 months of enactment and authorizes the appointment of advisors to assist this effort. Further establishes a Recreation Inter-Agency Coordinating Council and authorizes appointment of recreation advisors from among the public. The strategy will be delivered to the Congressional committees with primary jurisdiction over federally managed lands and waters.
  • Identifies 14 issues to be considered in developing the National Recreation Strategy ranging from volunteerism to partnerships, from alternative funding mechanisms to recreation needs of urban Americans, from review of the recommendations of the National Recreation Lakes Study commission to use of new technologies to aid visitors and improve management, but does not restrict the strategy effort from examining other issues.

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