Background of Partners Outdoors

Partners Outdoors Background

The challenges of properly managing America’s public lands and resources and meeting the nation’s changing recreation needs are immense and require the combined energies and talents of many agencies and organizations. Calls for partnerships and coordination of efforts on these topics have come from Presidential commissions, elected and appointed officials in government, and from corporate leaders. Some progress has resulted. Yet more can and must be done. Together we must respond to changing leisure needs of the public, changes in technology used in the outdoors, and demands for access to a fixed – or even shrinking – land base.

Since 1992, the Recreation Roundtable, USDA Forest Service, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management have co-hosted partnership-building workshops at a special gathering known as Partners Outdoors. Sponsorship has expanded and now includes seven federal agencies as well as a national organization of state park directors. Leaders from the recreation community – both the public and private sectors – have attended Partners Outdoors, participating in candid and intense sessions that have proved successful in increasing the flow of ideas for cooperation between the sectors and have resulted in numerous concrete recommendations for joint actions.