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Partners Outdoors 2010 Meeting Materials

All Partners Outdoors materials will be available electronically as part of an effort to be more environmentally friendly. By eliminating our traditional meeting books, we will save multiple thousands of sheets of paper. Each meeting participant will instead receive a Partners Outdoors 2010 flash drive or CD pre-loaded with meeting materials.

Come on Out: Making People at Home in the Outdoors

Making America's Cities into Gateways to the Great Outdoors

Healthy People/Healthy Places: Building the Link

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Partners Outdoors 2009 “Uses the Transition to Thrive!”

Partners Outdoors 2009 met with tremendous success as more than 120 partners in both the private and public sectors gathered in Cambridge, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., to share ideas, resources and best practices to accomplish this year’s meeting goal: Using the Transition to Thrive. Heavy emphasis was placed on partnerships and cooperative actions, the need to remove barriers to enjoyment of the outdoors by all Americans, and how seamless public/private efforts can protect special places and provide transformational experiences.

Conference sessions included: Rules of the Road – Coping with the Realities of Transition; Transportation Post-2009 and Recreation; Changing Lives – The Good News About Recreation; Sharpening Old Tools, Crafting New Ones; Perspectives on the Outdoor Resources Review Group; and Perspectives on the New Administration.

For the Partners Outdoors 2009 Conference Report, click here.

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Partners Outdoors 2009 Meeting Materials

For the first time, all Partners Outdoors materials are available electronically as part of an effort to be more environmentally friendly. By eliminating our traditional meeting books, we will save multiple thousands of sheets of paper. Each meeting participant will instead receive a Partners Outdoors 2009 flash drive or CD pre-loaded with the following meeting materials.

Making Great Outdoors Month Bigger and Better

Reaching Special Publics – Youth, Seniors, People with Disabilities (including wounded military), and New Citizens

Redesigning the Toolbox for Tomorrow (visit the Toolbox at

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Partners Outdoors 2006 Conference Report Available

A report of Partners Outdoors 2006 held January 8-11, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona entitled “Making the Toolbox for the Great Outdoors a Gold Mine for Enhancing Recreation Opportunities on Public Lands”is now available in PDF format. To view the report, conference schedule and action team reports, click here.

This was the 15th gathering of Partners Outdoors which was initiated in 1992 to draw together tomorrow’s leaders from federal recreation-providing agencies and the recreation industry in order to reinforce an awareness of the interdependence of the two sectors, and to catalyze partnership-based actions to better serve recreation visitors to public lands.

Partners Outdoors 2006 Webcast Available NOW to Viewers

Highlights of Partners Outdoors 2006 and a preview of the primary work product of the group – a new web-based reference guide to funding and other resources available to enhance recreation opportunities on public lands – were the subject of a two-hour broadcast on January 12th from the Bureau of Land Management’s National Training Center. The program is available now to the public by webcast. Viewers will need at least version 9 of Windows Media Player to view the program. To access the program, [click here]. For a Segment Index, [click here].


On January 8-11, 2006, key figures in America’s recreation community – top federal and state agency representatives, recreation industry executives, and non-profit recreation leaders drawn from both the public and private sectors – will be gathering in Phoenix for three days of sharing and brainstorming at the fifteenth annual conference of Partners Outdoors. Their goal will be to harness the power of new recreation tools to connect 21st century Americans to public lands and to enhance the way great experiences for visitors are delivered.

Lynn Scarlett, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior, will give the keynote address. Also participating are Fran Mainella, Director of the National Park Service; Dale Hall, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Tom Dyer of the Bureau of Land Management; John Keys, Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation; Steve Stockton, Deputy Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; and Joel Holtrop, Deputy Chief, USDA Forest Service and top private sector officials.

Partners Outdoors 2006


Date: January 8-11, 2006

Location: National Training Center, Bureau of Land Management 9828 North 31st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85051 (602) 906-5531

Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix Metrocenter 10220 North Metro Parkway East Phoenix, Arizona 85051 (602) 997-5900 Fax (602) 943-6156

Theme: Assembling a comprehensive guide to programs that can supplement appropriated funding to enhance recreation opportunities and visitor services on and near America’s public lands and then developing on-going efforts which will (1) disseminate understanding of these tools and provide assistance in their usage, (2) refine, strengthen and improve these tools and (3) continually “grow” a library of examples of the use of these tools available to federal program managers and their partners.

Partners Outdoors 2004 Takes on Key Issues

Leaders in the recreation community from eight federal agencies, state government, key nonprofits and recreation companies large and small met for four days at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah, as participants in Partners Outdoors 2004, an annual brainstorming and action session co-hosted by the Recreation Roundtable and federal recreation-providing agencies. Special guests included Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth, National Park Service Director Fran Mainella and Take Pride in America Executive Director Marti Allbright. The theme of the session, the thirteenth of these annual meetings, was Opening the Doors Wider at America’s Public Lands – Our Natural Health and Fitness Centers.