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GO Day Photo Mosaic

GO Day participants from around the country sent in photos of themselves enjoying America’s Great Outdoors. Whether part of an official GO Day event, or just taking advantage of the natural wonders in our own backyards with help from Yonder, people of all ages proved there is no better way to achieve a fun, healthy lifestyle than getting outdoors as part of Great Outdoors Month. To celebrate this spirit, we took all the submitted photos and created a photo mosaic, which you can see here. We hope you enjoy it, and if you have any photos you want to see added, email them to

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe Proclaims June Great Outdoors Month

Idaho Governor Butch Otter Proclaims June 2014 Great Outdoors Month

Sec. Jewell with GOM Procs

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell displays President Obama’s proclamation of June as Great Outdoors Month, in front of similar proclamations from state Governors. Proclamations can be viewed and downloaded

Get Outdoors USA! Award Given to Leading Forest Friends Group

The first Get Outdoors USA! Award was given to the San Bernardino National Forest Association (SBNFA) at its meeting in late November 2007 by Derrick Crandall, President of the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and coordinator of the new national effort to boost participation in healthy outdoor fun. The award will enable the association to purchase a fleet of canoes and related equipment for environmental-education and water-safety programs at the Big Bear Discovery Center, a unique partnership program of the USDA Forest Service and SBNFA.

"Last Child in the Woods" Meets "More Kids in the Woods"

Washington, D.C. (May 23, 2007) - Author Richard Louv brought his warning that modern societal forces are separating children from nature to a Washington, D.C., gathering of recreation community leaders and applauded a new partnership-based response to that trend led by the USDA Forest Service. The response, “More Kids in the Woods,” is a challenge-grant program initially involving 24 programs across the nation and $1.5 million in Forest Service and non-federal funds.

Louv spoke passionately about the potential repercussions of today’s youth losing a personal connection to the outdoors. According to Louv, “We care for what we know and love.” He told the group that if today’s children don’t have “transformational experiences in the outdoors” during their youth, they are unlikely, as adults, to be engaged in public policy deliberations about our forests and parks and about environmental issues like global warming.

He offered a message of hope, saying that his travels across the United States and Canada have shown him that there is a movement for change. “The problems cannot be overcome with a single, cookie-cutter response,” he warned, and he also cautioned against alarmist rhetoric that hampers a child’s sense of wonder and joy about outdoor experiences.

Transportation Enhancements

The Transportation Enhancements (TE) program funded by SAFETEA-LU is slated to receive roughly 3.5 billion through FY 09 – $625 - $685 million per year. Funding is based on a 10% set-aside of each state’s annual funding under its Surface Transportation Program (STP). The TE program funds a wide variety of transportation-related community projects in 12 project categories including restoration of historic transportation buildings, easement acquisition, construction of welcome centers and transportation-related museums and conversion of abandoned railway corridors to recreation trails. Trails and pedestrian/bicycle facilities have historically counted for about one-half of TE funding, or $300 million per year since its establishment in 1991. Transportation Enhancements are subject to funding rescission notices, of which there were three in FY 2006. Some states have left TE funds intact and others have cut the program heavily.

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