Outdoor Recreation Economic Data Today and Tomorrow

Outdoor Recreation Economic Data Today and Tomorrow

Economic data relating to outdoor recreation is a hot topic. Improving the data, better sharing of data and use of the data in decision-making unifies the public and private sectors of the $650 billion per annum outdoor recreation community. ARC’s September 27 Recreation Exchange: Outdoor Recreation Economic Data Today and Tomorrow showcased how public and private organizations are using and improving data to help enhance visitor experiences on public lands and waters.

One of the key topics was the future of the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account and the challenges it faces, including what exactly the outdoor recreation economy is and how the data will be collected.

Different categories of outdoor recreation data, how the public and private sectors use data to improve visitor experiences and tell stories, and the Department of the Interior’s new effort to improve quality and usability of visitation data to federal sites across all agencies responsible for managing recreation were also discussed.

We also had concrete examples of usage of Recreation.gov-generated data in marketing decisions by Hipcamp, as well as examples of continuing outreach by the White House and the Department of the Interior to invite creative app developers to make use of federal recreation data at hackathons.

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NMMA's Michael Lewan

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