RECx III Videos

RECx III - Perspectives on Urban Outreach
The Do's and Don'ts of Urban Outreach - Elwood York, Former Wilderness Program Lead, U.S. Forest Service

Elwood York presents ways to make meaningful outreach in urban communities. By way of examples as well as strategies that will encourage earnest involvement in recreational activities, the presentation will give the audience various avenues for insight and engagement of urban youth and their families.

Urban Off Highway Vehicle Parks - Steve Salisbury, Government Affairs Manager: Off Highway, American Motorcyclist Association

The American Motorcyclist Association, as part of broad-based coalitions in Philadelphia and Baltimore, is pitching a new idea that holds the promise of creating new spaces for responsible off-road recreation while helping alleviate an inner-city issue that many residents, politicians and pundits have labeled “unsolvable.”

One Man's Story: Where We Were/Where We Are/Where We Can Be - Robert Stanton, Former Senior Advisory to the Secretary of the Interior and Former Director, National Park Service

Bob Stanton’s career with the National Park Service spanned a turbulent era in the nation’s history. He grew up in a “separate but equal” community in Texas, which had been founded by African Americans shortly after the Civil War. He was recruited to join the National Park Service in 1962 during the Kennedy Administration by Interior Secretary Stewart Udall just as the civil rights movement really began to transform the United States. Throughout his career, his work with the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior helped the nation make great progress toward a society where freedom and justice for all are a reality. But there is more to be done. Bob’s amazing life story helps his audience understand the nation’s life story while inspiring a dedication to continue the yet-unfinished journey to a more perfect union.