Partners Outdoors 2016 Videos - RECx I

RECx I - Policy and Technology Innovation

The Outdoor Recreation Industry Will Save the World - Luis Benitez, Director, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

With an ever growing focus on the lifestyle proposition that the outdoor industry provides to outdoor focused states, its important to understand what got us "here" isn't going to take us "there". A multi billion dollar economic engine for the country, supported by a community that thrives off of passionate innovation, perhaps it really CAN save the world?

3 Rs in Converging Technologies for Enhancing Outdoor Interpretation - Dusty Vaughn, Public Service Program Area Leader, Stanislaus National Forest

This presentation will focus on how we are partnering with community groups to utilize the “3 R’s in Converging Technologies for Enhancing Outdoor Interpretation” to accommodate new forms of recreation, engage a younger and more diverse audience, and enhance visitor experiences.

Your Pass Now - A Great Idea for the Great Outdoors - Angela Fultz Nordstrom, Vice President, NIC Inc.

Your Pass Now allows visitors to parks participating in the pilot to purchase a park entrance pass online in advance of their visit using their personal computer or mobile device, at no additional cost. Once purchased, the pass can be printed or reside on a mobile device for use at the park on the date of purchase or at a specified future date. Park staff validate the entrance pass by scanning the Quick Response code that is generated for each pass.