Park Rx: A Three Part Webinar Series

Park Rx
Creating and Strengthening Park Prescription Programs: A Three-Part Webinar Series

The National ParkRx Initiative is excited to announce a series of free webinars that will explore some of the most important elements for successful park prescription programs.

Learn how to create, improve and promote your own park prescription program while hearing real-world examples of how organizations incorporated the National ParkRx Initiative into their work.

Each webinar will draw on case studies and best practices from expert medical doctors, park professionals and public health officials in the ParkRx movement.

Part I: Partnership (9/28/2016, 1:30pm ET)

Participants will get a general overview of the park prescriptions movement while learning about the specific needs, roles and responsibilities of both park and health professionals. Speakers will focus on how to build intersectional partnerships. Register for Part I now.

Part II: Needs Assessments (10/19/2016, 1:30pm ET)

Participants will learn about why needs assessments are essential to successful park prescription programs. Speakers will focus on how to conduct and use space and community assessments to establish program modules. Register for Part II now.

Part III: Implementation & Evaluation (11/16/2016, 1:30pm ET)

Participants will learn about park prescription program implementation, evaluation, marketing and outreach. Speakers will focus on program sustainability. Register for Part III now.

Watch Dr. Robert Zarr - ParkRx Advisor to the National Park Service - explain how the program is transforming the way doctors inspire patients to take proactive steps to improve their health:

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