About Partners Outdoors 2017

Partners Outdoors 2017: The Exciting Future of Outdoor Recreation
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Partners Outdoors 2017 brought partners from the public and private sectors together to unify and focus recreation community efforts on core issues and showcase innovation in thinking and action. The program was a joint undertaking of private sector interests, coordinated through the American Recreation Coalition, federal agencies coordinated through the Federal Recreation Council, and state park agencies coordinated by the National Association of State Park Directors.

The 2017 Partners Outdoors program took place on May 31 and June 1 and had two distinct parts:

RECx: Great Ideas for the Great Outdoors, was a showcase for great ideas about outdoor recreation presented in brief TED-like talks on Wednesday, May 31. The presentations focused on pitching a new idea or telling a success story that demonstrates how outdoor recreation experiences, opportunities and resources can be improved. Presentation topics included: innovative partnerships and programs; enhancing visitor experiences; engaging people – especially children – in the Great Outdoors; and using technology to create and protect recreation resources. Watch the RECx presentations at funoutdoors.com/RECx2017.

The second day, Thursday, June 1, was the Annual Outdoor Recreation Leadership Summit. During a series of presentations and discussions, leaders of the new Administration, recreation and tourism industry executives and key federal and state agency representatives looked at the future of outdoor recreation, focusing on the short-term and long-term implications of developments affecting people, places, products, programs, partnerships and politics. Watch the Recreation Leadership Summit presentations and panels at funoutdoors.com/FutureVideos.

The Partners Outdoors program also included the presentation of the Legends and Beacon Awards for outstanding service to the recreation community by an amazing cast of federal employees and partners.