Recreation Community Expresses Support for Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account

Recreation Community Expresses Support for Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account

The recreation community expressed its enthusiastic support March 23 for the creation and operation of an Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account (ORSA) to assess the economic significance of outdoor recreation. Right now, outdoor recreation’s economic impact is estimated at $650 billion. Expenditures on recreation create manufacturing jobs, jobs in retailing and repairs, lifeguard posts at public beaches and guide jobs in the backcountry, jobs at insurance firms and hotels. Federal agencies host more than a billion recreation visits and now tout the direct contributions to local and national economies.

The Federal Recreation Council (FRC) has made the account’s creation its highest priority saying, “Creating the satellite account presents an opportunity for detailed and defensible data to inform decision making, improving governance and long-term management of public lands and waters.”

Letters of support signed by more than 20 organizations representing RVs, boating, fishing, archery and more were sent to key members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

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