Great Outdoors Month 2016 Proclamations

June is a special time to celebrate America’s Great Outdoors. National leaders for years have issued proclamations recognizing this month as Great Outdoors Month, a time when America celebrates its natural treasures. This recognition highlights the benefits of active fun outdoors in our magnificent shared resources of forests, parks, refuges, and other public lands and waters. Proclamations generate widespread media attention, encouraging millions of American families to move outside, and prompting public discussion of important issues linked to outdoor recreation, including volunteerism, health, and outdoor ethics.

Presidential recognition of these benefits began in 1998 with the establishment of Great Outdoors Week under then-President Clinton, and has since continued and expanded. In 2004, then-President Bush recognized the entire month of June as Great Outdoors Month, and Presidential proclamations have been issued in each successive year. See the 2015 Presidential Proclamation here.

In 2012 a record-breaking number of additional proclamations were issued, including all 50 governors and many mayors. These leaders declared June as Great Outdoors Month in their states and towns, and many went further, planning Governor’s Outdoor Conferences and hosting campouts for local kids on capitol grounds. These proclamations can be viewed here. Last year was no different as all 50 governors and many other elected officials issued their own proclamations declaring June 2015 as Great Outdoors Month. See the 2015 Proclamations here

See the 2016 Presidential Proclamation here

Great Outdoors Month 2016 Proclamations have already been issued for the below States. We urge you to write to your governor thanking them for supporting the Great Outdoors.

  • Alabama Proclamation
  • Alaska Proclamation
  • Arizona Proclamation
  • Arkansas Proclamation
  • California Proclamation
  • Colorado Proclamation
  • Connecticut Proclamation
  • Delaware Proclamation
  • Florida Proclamation
  • Georgia Proclamation
  • Hawai'i Proclamation
  • Idaho Proclamation
  • Illinois Proclamation
  • Indiana Proclamation
  • Iowa Proclamation
  • Kansas Proclamation
  • Kentucky Proclamation
  • Louisiana Proclamation
  • Maine Proclamation
  • Massachusetts Proclamation
  • Maryland Proclamation
  • Michigan Proclamation
  • Minnesota Proclamation
  • Mississippi Proclamation
  • Missouri Proclamation
  • Montana Proclamation
  • Nebraska Proclamation
  • Nevada Proclamation
  • New Hampshire Proclamation
  • New Jersey Proclamation
  • New Mexico Proclamation
  • New York Proclamation
  • North Carolina Proclamation
  • North Dakota Proclamation
  • Ohio Proclamation
  • Oklahoma Proclamation
  • Oregon Proclamation
  • Pennsylvania Proclamation
  • Rhode Island Proclamation
  • South Carolina Proclamation
  • South Dakota Proclamation
  • Tennessee Proclamation
  • Texas Proclamation
  • Utah Proclamation
  • Vermont Proclamation
  • Virginia Proclamation
  • Washington Proclamation
  • West Virginia Proclamation
  • Wisconsin Proclamation
  • Wyoming Proclamation
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